Tuberia Flexible Tipo S CorveflexTuberia Flexible Tipo S Corveflex
Manguera flexible tipo muelle para ventilación aspirante e impelente (soplante), reforzada con espiral continua de alambre acerada recubierta de perfil plástico termosoldado a la propia manguera. Puede fabricarse con paso de hélice de hasta 40 mm para soportar altas infra y sobrepresiones. Se suministra en diámetros desTubería Flesible tipo Smetros.

Flexible hose, spring type, for pressure and suction ventilation, reinforce wITH continious spiral of steely wire coated wtih plastic outline heat-sealed to the hose. Can be produced with winding pitch up to 40 mm to support both high over and infra preasures. Diameters available from 300mm to 1800mm, and leghts up to 20m, according diameters.



  • Ventilation for tunnels under constructions and minnig
  • Discharge bellows for powdred products as cement, kaolin…
  • Welding fumes extraction
  • Evacuation of materials in particles, as sawdust
  • Grain cooling storaged in silos by air injection.


The sections of this type of pipe can be joined by a collar clamp, made of resistant PVC two tube outline, inwardly reinforce with Steel wire equipped with a zinced adjusting lever for a quick adjustment. Also available the join by turnstile, in wich the products, provided of metal ring in one side and polyethylene rope in the other can be joined with a turnstile trough a incorporated locking pegs. Finally it is posible the join by flanges, a system specially Suitable for vertical and horizontal installations, that requires máximum safety, or just to adapt the pipelline to the fan, because the flanges can be made to measure.

In this kind of pipes, the clampling is carried out by galvanized hook anchored to the replenishment spiral